Lab Facilities



Geotechnical Engineering Division

There are two labs under this division.



Lecturer in Charge                  :           Dr. L.I.N. De Silva


Technical Officer in Charge      :           Mr. K.R. Pitipanaarachchi



Testing Facilities

Classification Tests

Cassagrande Apparatus

To determine the Liquid Limit and Plastic Limit

Sieve Set

To perform Particle Size Analysis


To perform Hydrometer Analysis

Specific Gravity Bottle Test

To determine the Specific Gravity

Vibrating Table

To determine the Relative Density

Strength Tests

Triaxial Testing Apparatus

(with or without electronic data acquisition)

To perform Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial Test

To perform Consolidation Drained Triaxial Test

To perform Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Test With Pore Water –pressure Measurement

Unconfined Compression Test  


To perform Unconfined Compression Test

Direct - Shear Test

(with or without electronic data


To conduct Direct Shear Tests on soils

Compressibility and Permeability

Consolidation Test Apparatus

To perform One Dimensional Consolidation Test

To determine the Swelling Index

Rowe Cell

Falling Head Apparatus

To measure both settlement and pore water pressure during consolidation

To perform Falling Head Permeability Test

Constant Head Apparatus

To perform Constant Head Permeability Test

Compaction Test


Proctor Compaction Apparatus

To perform Proctor Compaction Test

CBR Laboratory Test Apparatus                      

To perform CBR lest Under Soaked or Unsoaked Condition

In-situ tests


Core Cutter Apparatus

To determine the In-situ Density

Sand Cone Apparatus

To determine the In-situ Density

Vane Shear Apparatus

To perform Vane Shear Test

Field CBR Test Apparatus

To perform Field CBR Test

Cone Penetrometer          

To perform Cone Penetration Test

Plate Loading Test Apparatus

To perform Plate Loading Test to assess bearing Capacity of Soils



Lecturer in Charge                  :           Dr. L.I.N. De Silva

Technical Officer in Charge    :           Mr. D. G. S. Vithanage


Testing Facilities

Los Angeles Abrasion Test Apparatus

To perform Los Angeles Abrasion Test

Point Load Test Apparatus

To determine the Point Load Index

Core Drilling Machine

To perform Extrusion of Core Samples

Slake Durability Test Apparatus

To perform Slake Durability Test

Uniaxial Compression Machine

To determine Uniaxial Compression Strength of rock core Samples





Triaxial Test


                  Direct Shear Test






Environmental Engineering Division


Lecturer in Charge                    :           Dr. J.M.A. Manatunge


Technical Officer in Charge      :           Mrs. N.S. Gunathilake


Analytical Chemist                   :           Mr. H. M. P. C. K. Herath (Contract Staff)




Testing Facilities

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

To determine the content of Heavy Metals

UV VIS Spectrophotometer

To determine the Total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, Total Iron, Chlorophyll, Analysis of Kinetics of chemical reaction

Flame Photometer

To determine the content of Potassium, Sodium, Lithium


To determine the content of Nitrates, Nitrites, Hardness, Ammonia, Sulfates, Fluorides

Turbidity Meter

To measure Turbidity

Hand-held water quality Meter

To measure in-situ field parameters eg. pH, Conductivity, TDS, DO, Salinity, Temperature

Conductivity Meter

To measure Conductivity

pH Meter

To measure pH

Titration Equipment

To measure Alkalinity, Dissolved Oxygen

Muffle Furnace

To determine the content of Volatile Suspended Solids, Sulfates


To produce deionised water for reagent preparation

Distilled Water Plant

To produce distilled water for reagent preparation

Fume Hood

To conduct extraction/ distillation under safe environment

Millipore Kit/ Glassware/ Incubator 

Microbiological Examinations: Total and Faecal Coliforms

Filtration Equipment

To determine Total Suspended Solids

Cooled Incubator 

To determine Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Kjeldhal Apparatus  

To determine Chemical Oxygen Demand

Gas chromatograph

To determine concentration of volatile organic substances for extraction organic substances from soil and other media.

Soxhlet Apparatus




      Environmental Engineering Laboratory

Transportation Engineering Division

There are two labs under this division.




Lecturer in Charge                     :           Dr. H. R. Pasindu


Technical Officer in Charge      :           Mr. T. P. D. G. Indika Yohan




Testing Facilities

Walking Profiler        

To obtain the cross-sectional or longitudinal profile on Short   sections of road surface

Vehicle Bump Indicator

To determine the road roughness using a vehicle - mounted indicator

Marshall Tester

To design asphalt concrete mixes ASTM D 1559:89  

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (Field CBR)

To determine rapid in-situ measurements of the structural properties of road pavements. Penetrometer constructed with unbound materials, TRL (Transportation Research Laboratory) Road Note 31:1993

Sand Equivalent Test

For determining the theoretical maximum specific gravity of uncompacted bituminous paving mixtures & the percent air voids in compacted bituminous mixtures and the amount of bitumen absorbed by aggregates.

Softening Point Apparatus

To determine the softening point of asphalt ASTM D36:76

Rice Test Apparatus

Density measurement of asphaltic mixtures

Flash Point Tester

To determine the point of the bituminous binder

Saybolt Viscosity Set

For measuring the Saybolt viscosity of bituminous emulsion ASTM D 244-89

Penetration Set

The penetration of bituminous binder ASTM DS: 86

Aggregate Impact Value (AIV) Test Equipment

To determine the toughness of aggregates

Solubility Set

To determine the purity of asphalt cement.

Ductility Set

To measure ductility on a representative portion of Bitumen = ASTM DI 13: 86

Residue by Distillation Set

Quantitative determination of residue and oil distillate in asphalt emulsion ASTM D 244:89

Asphalt Binder Analyzer

To estimate the bitumen content of Asphalt


Conducting a test using Asphalt Binder Analyzer





Lecturer in Charge                  :           Prof. J.M.S.J. Bandara


Technical Officer in Charge    :           Mr. T.P.D.G. Indika Yohan



Testing Facilities

Manual Traffic Counters

Traffic Counts, Turning Movement Counts

Radar Guns

Speed Surveys

Automatic Traffic Counter

Traffic Counts

Geographical Information Software Systems Software

Transport Planning

Global Positioning System

Highway Inventories, Transport Operations, Vehicle Tracking

Precision Odo-Meter

Distance Measurements

Vehicle Installed Back Lighted Distance Measuring Instrument

Distance Measurements

Trans Plan V3

Traffic Forecasting, Transport Planning



           Traffic Engineering Laboratory


Hydraulic Engineering Division


Lecturer in Charge                  :           Prof. S.S. Wickramasuriya


Technical Officer in Charge    :           Mr. H.W. Kumarasinghe




Teaching and Testing Facilities

Circular Orifice Apparatus

To study flow through orifices and determine coefficients of discharge, velocity and contraction for a circular orifice

Pelton Wheel Turbine

To study hydraulic performance and obtain characteristic curves for a     Pelton turbine

Centrifugal Water Pump

To establish the head-discharge characteristic for a centrifugal pump.

Flow Measuring Apparatus

To determine the coefficients of discharge and obtain calibration curves for a   venturi meter and orifice meter and determine head losses

Pipe Friction Apparatus

To study laminar and turbulent flow in pipes to determine variation of friction factor with Reynolds number

Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus

To determine the centre of pressure of fully and partially submerged plane surfaces

Pressure Gauge

To calibrate a Bourdon pressure gauge


To study flow through notches and determine the coefficient of discharge for a V-notch

Pontoon Apparatus

To determine the metacentric height and the metacentre of a floating vessel

Forced Vortex Apparatus

To study the characteristics of forced vortex motion


To measure in-situ the infiltration rate of soils

Open Channel Flow- tilting Flume

To study the characteristics of open channel flow

Ground Water Flow Analysis

To determine the distribution of ground water head and flow in aquifers

WaterCAD Software

To model water distribution

CulvertMaster Software

To analyse and design culverts

Hydraulic Ram Pumps

For water supply and irrigation system

Pump/Turbine Apparatus

To study performance characteristics with direct computer generated output

Ultra Sound Flow Meter

Flow Measurement through pipelines




Open Channel Flow- Tilting Flume


                                              Pelton Wheel Turbine





Building and Structural Engineering Division


Lecturer in Charge                  :           Dr. (Mrs.) M.T.P. Hettiarachchi


Technical Officer in Charge      :           Mrs. D.R. Cooray



Testing Facilities

Timber Testing Machine

Testing of timber for compressive strength, flexural strength, shear strength and impact strength

Tensometer ( Capacity - 2 Tons)

Tensile testing of standard circular specimens, flat plates and wires

Bending moment apparatus   

This experimental apparatus provides visualization and proof of the basic theory of bending moments in a beam. Using this apparatus, students can investigate the variation of bending moment at a point away from the point of loading of a simply supported beam.

Shear force apparatus

This experimental apparatus provides visualization and proof of the basic theory of shear forces in a beam. Using this apparatus, students can investigate the variation of shear force at a point away from the point of loading of a simply supported beam.

Biaxial bending

movement apparatus

An experimental apparatus to allow students to investigate the difference between axis of bending and axis of bending moment when the applied moment is about a non principal axis of the section.

Pin jointed framework

An experimental apparatus to allow students to create a wide selection of pin-jointed frameworks and then investigate the effects resulting from applying loading forces to them.

Torsion apparatus

An experimental apparatus to allow students to investigate the relationship between torque and twist in the elastic region of solid circular sections in various materials.

Buckling of struts apparatus

An experimental apparatus to allow students to investigate the deflection and stability of struts under various end conditions.




               Torsion Test Apparatus 





Lecturer in Charge                  :           Dr. H. M. Y. C. Mallikarachchi

Technical Officer in Charge    :           Mr. D. M. N. L. Dissanayaka

The Structural Testing Laboratory houses both data acquisition and hydraulic testing systems that are used in undergraduate teaching and research as well as in postgraduate research .

A variety of tests can be conducted in the Structural Testing Laboratory, ranging from concrete test cubes to the evaluation of full scale structural components such as wall panels, framed structures, transmission poles, precast concrete products, manhole covers, welded rails etc.

The main feature of the structures testing laboratory is the reaction floor consisting of a 1.0. m thick reinforced concrete slab to which the testing rigs can be attached. The laboratory is equipped with manual and servo-controlled jacks ranging in capacity up to 100 tons, together with associated measuring devices such as load cells and deflection gauges, and loading frames.

The laboratory is equipped with a 5-ton overhead crane to be used in erecting loading frames and positioning specimens, a 200 Tons compression machine, 30 channel high performance data logger, load cells (tension and compression), proving rings (3 tons, 10 tons, 30 Tons, 50 Tons and 200 Tons), prestressing wire jack, creep testing rig and LVDTs. The laboratory is also equipped with non-destructive testing facilities such as PUNDIT, rebound hammer, cover meter and concrete surface resistivity meter.







Testing of pavement slab to determine the load transfer efficiency 



Lecturer in Charge                  :           Dr. C. S. Lewangamage


Technical Officer in Charge      :           Ms. P. A.I. D. Perera



Testing Facilities

Universal Testing Machine

To determine the tensile strength of steel

Compressive strength and flexural strength of concrete.

Versa Tester

To perform Tensile test and compression test

Heat of Hydration Calorimeter

To determine the heat of hydration of cement

Blaine fineness apparatus

To determine the fineness of cement

Vicat Apparatus

To determine the setting time of cement

Le Chatelier Apparatus

To determine the soundness of cement

Aggregate crushing value test apparatus

To determine the mechanical properties of coarse aggregate

10% Fines value test apparatus

Aggregate Impact test apparatus

Test sieves (BS & ASTM)

To determine the particle size distribution of coarse and fine aggregates

Air Entrainment Meter

To determine the air content in fresh concrete

Slump cone/Compacting Factor Apparatus

To determine the workability of fresh concrete

V-B Consistometer

Setting time of Concrete test apparatus

To determine the initial and final setting time of concrete in accordance with ASTM specifications

Humidity cabinet/ Length comparator

To determine shrinkage of concrete, mortar and cement paste under controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

Concrete Core cutting m/c

To extract concrete cores of dia. 2” – 4”


Humidity Cabinet    

Heat of Hydration Calorie Meter






Lecturer in Charge                  :           Dr. K. Baskaran      


Technical Officer in Charge      :          Mrs. D. R. Cooray


Testing Facilities

Digital Aerosol Monitor

All equipments are used for undergraduate and postgraduate research work in Building Science.

These equipments are also used for demonstration purposes to students following the subjects Building Engineering, HVAC & Building Automation.

Digital Sound Level Meter

Data Logger

Moisture Analyser

Humidifier & Controller


Wind Speed & Direction Instrument

Digital Lux Meter

Sunshine Reader

Photometric Sensor and Measuring Unit

Ultra Violet Measuring Unit

Whirling Hygrometer

Stevenson Screen

Sound Level Meter With Sound Calibration

Sound Level Meter Kit

Thermo Hydrograph

PM Meter

VOC Meter



Construction Engineering and Management Division


Lecturer in charge       :           Dr. L. L. Ekanayake


Technical Officer       :           Mrs. M.M. Kanthi Menike


Software Package                        


Architectural Desktop 3.3

For Building Drawings (2D and 3D)

Microsoft Project 2003 and Project Server 2007

For Planning and Monitoring of Construction Projects


For Planning and Monitoring of Construction Progress


For Design Works

Civil 3D

For Design of Civil Engineering Structures


For Cost Estimation












Lecturer in Charge                  :           Prof. U.G.A. Puswewala

Technical Officer in Charge    :           Mrs. C. Weerakoon



Testing Facilities

Software Facilities Available

Global Positioning System,


Laser Total Station

Total Station Instruments

Electronic Theodolite

Optical Theodolite

Vernier Theodolite

Cradle Theodolite

Micro-optic Theodolite

Instructional Theodolite

Precise Level

Automatic Level

Engineers Level

Dumpy Level

Self Reducing Alidades

Self Reducing Tachometers



Subtense Bar

Distance Measuring Wedges

Invar Tape

Invar Staves


Photocopy Machine

Digital Camera

Personal Computers


Tapes(linen/ steel)

Accessories for basic            surveying work

Facilities available for :

Chain Surveying


Prismatic Compass Survey

Theodolite Traverse Survey

Traverse Sheet Calculation

Tachometry Surveys

Plane Table Surveying

Triangulation Surveys

Surveying with Total Station

Surveying with Global Positioning System

Computer generated survey plans

Civil engineering setting-out works

Survey camp of two weeks duration for Civil Engineering Students.






Resources :


Computer Unit of the Department of Civil Engineering


Lecturer in Charge      :          Prof. S. M. A. Nanayakkara

System Analysts         :           Mr. Charaka Satharasinghe

                                              Mrs. V. P. Wickramatunga    

Technical Officer        :           Mr. G.T.V. Somaratne

Computer Operator     :          Mrs. A.P. Kandage


Resources and Services Provided

            Servers :          File Server for Staff and Students

                                                            Antivirus Server for Staff

                                                            Two Printer Server

                                                            DHCP Server

                                                            DNS Server for the Department

                                                            Gateway Server

                                                            Backup Server

                                                            Test Server

                                                            SSH Server

                                                            WiFi Access points for the Department

  • High speed internet and email connectivity with a fiber optic backbone Wireless Access Points for

Staff and Final Year Students

  • Network Printer for Academic and Non-Academic staff, Research Staff, and Research students

  • Student Area for Undergraduates 40 computers of P IV and above with internet facilities.

  • Final Year Computer Lab - 30 Computers of P IV and above with internet facilities


  •            Lab classes for Computer Applications in Civil Engineering

                           - For undergraduate and postgraduate Students

  • Multimedia communication facilities for undergraduates to enhance their communication skills

  • Printing and scanning facilities

  • Internet facility

  • Maintenance of computers in the Department of Civil Engineering

  • Maintain the Civil Engineering Department web site

  • Modle content Development

  • E-Learning web site development for undergraduates




       Computer Lab - Student Area