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The Division of Building and Structural Engineering comprises eleven senior academic staff members, qualified at postgraduate level from leading universities in Australia, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom and United States of America. It has two Senior Professors, two Professors and seven Senior Lecturers.


The division is responsible for conducting courses relating to structural engineering in all four years of the undergraduate programme.
The division contributes to the Continuing Professional Development of the practising civil and structural engineers in a major way, by conducting a regular Postgraduate Diploma / Master’s Degree Programme in Structural Engineering Design on a part time basis, and many training programmes on specialised topics as and when required.


The staff members are actively engaged in research both in supervisory capacity at undergraduate and postgraduate levels and as research partners in sponsored research projects. The division has established links with industry through these research programmes and also through the wide range of consultancy assignments undertaken.


Much of the experimental research and consultancy assignments are carried out in well-equipped laboratories. Some of these have facilities, which are the only ones of their kind in Sri Lanka.


The expertise of the staff in this division is sought in the preparation of regulatory standards and related documents.

The staff members also serve on committees of Learned Societies thereby further enhancing the University – Industry collaboration. The staff members of the division are very actively involved in the activities of the Society of Structural Engineers, which is a professional body of structural engineers in the country. One member of the division is the local representative of the Institution of Structural Engineers, UK.


The division is particularly proud of the initiative shown by two of their colleagues in their authoring of text books, whereby they have made a pioneering contribution to structural engineering literature in Sri Lanka.