Welcome to Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering Division ....

Divisional Academic Staff  

Professor D. S. Wijeyesekera - Senior Professor
DUniv(OUUK),Ph.D(Edin),DEC(Eng), C.Eng, MICE(Lond),
FCIT(Lond), FIE(
Sri Lanka)

E mail : dsw@civil.mrt.ac.lk

Areas of Interest :

Traffic Engineering - Highway Capacity and Traffic Management vis a vis discipline and enforcement.
Technical Auditing in Construction
Technical and Engineering education reforms and rationalisation

 Professor N. T. S. Wijesekera - Professor
B.Sc. Eng (Hons), M.Eng(Tokyo), D.Eng(Tokyo), C.Eng., MICE(Lond), MIE(Sri Lanka)

Email: sohan@civil.mrt.ac.lk

Areas of Interest :

Water Resources Engineering
Mathematical Modelling in Hydrology
Irrigation Engineering and Drainage

Professor S. S. L. Hettiarachchi - Professor
B.Sc.(Eng)(Hons), Ph.D.(Lond), DIC

Email: sslh@civil.mrt.ac.lk

Areas of Interest :

Coastal Structures (Hydraulics of wave/structure interaction)
Coastal Engineering and Management
History of writing Instruments

Professor. S. S. Wickramasuriya - Associate Professor
B.Sc. (Eng)(Hons), Ph.D., C.Eng., MIE(Sri Lanka)

E mail: sunilw@civil.mrt.ac.lk

Areas of Interest:

Rainfall-Runoff Modelling
Drought Mitigation
Renewable Energy
Flood Frequency Studies
Statistical Methods in Hydrology

 Dr. Nimal P.D. Gamage - Senior Lecturer Grade I (Division Head)
B.Sc. Eng (Hons), M.Sc(Galway), Ph.D(Saitama), C.Eng., MIE(Sri Lanka)

Email: nimal@civil.mrt.ac.lk

Areas of Interest :

Hydrological Forecasting
Groundwater Pollution and Management
Water Resources Engineering
Aquatic Ecology
Aquatic Weed Management
Lake and Reservoir Management

 Dr. P.P. Gunaratne - Senior Lecturer Grade I
B.Sc. Eng (Hons), M.Eng. (AIT), Ph.D.(Clarkson, U.S.A.),
C.Eng., MIE(Sri Lanka)

Email: priyantha@civil.mrt.ac.lk

Areas of Interest :

Numerical Modelling in Coastal Zone
Nearshore Hydrodynamics
Transport-Dispersion Processes
River Hydraulics

 Dr. S.P. Samarawickrama - Senior Lecturer Grade II
B.Sc. Eng (Hons), Ph.D (Lond), DIC

Email: samans@civil.mrt.ac.lk

Areas of Interest :

Numerical Modelling in Coastal Zone
Coastal Structures
Coastal Zone Management

 Mr.A.H.R. Ratnasooriya - Senior Lecturer Grade II
B.sc.Eng (Hons), M.PhiL (Moratuwa)

Email: ahrr@civil.mrt.ac.lk

Areas of Interest :

Coastal Structures
Tsunami Studies