Welcome to Geotechnical Engineering Division....

The Geotechnical Engineering Division has six staff members with post graduate qualification obtained from universities in different parts of the world. They have gained very valuable experience in research and consultancy through numerous projects handled both in Sri Lanka and Overseas.

The division has well equipped laboratories of Soil Mechanics and Rock Mechanics and is capable of conducting all the standard laboratory tests such as; Particle Size analysis, Atterberg Limits Test, Triaxial Test, Direct Shear Test, Consolidation Test, Permeability Tests, Proctor Compaction Test, In-situ Density Test and number of other tests needed in research work. It also has the equipment needed to conduct number of field tests such as; Static Cone Penetration Test, Vane Shear Test and Plate Bearing Test.

Phone: +94-11-265-0567 Fax: +94-11-264-5422

e-mail: cemd@civil.mrt.ac.lk

Faculty of Engineering - Department of Civil Engineering - University of Moratuwa