Welcome to Geotechnical Engineering Division....

What we do...

The division is responsible for conducting the subjects, Geotechnical Engineering in Part II, Geotechnical Engineerign in Part III and surveying in Part I and Part II. It is also responsible for the conduct of the M.Eng. Course in Geotechnical Engineering and M.Eng. Course in Foundation Engineering.

Under the course unit system the division is conducting compulsory course units;

Soil Mechanics and Geology - Level 2
Surveying - Level 2
Geotechnical Engineering - Level 3
Geotechnical Design - Level 4
and optional course units;
Remote Sensing and GIS - Level 3
Earth and Rockfill Dams - Level 4
Environmental Geotechnics - Level 4
Computer Applications in Geotechnics - Level 4

Faculty of Engineering - Department of Civil Engineering - University of Moratuwa