Welcome to Environmental Engineering Division....

The Division of Environmental Engineering has a strong resource base, including 4 Academic Staff members with postgraduate qualifications, and a well-equipped laboratory. It is the leading group of Environmental Engineering Academics in Sri Lanka, having obtained training, research and working experience in the UK, USA, Thailand, the Netherlands and Japan, as well as in Sri Lanka. Due to the nature of the subject of environment, the Division works very closely with other divisions in the Department, and also with some other departments in the University. In addition, the division closely works with Ministry of Environment & National Resources and Central Environmental Authority.

Contact person for details: Dr.J.M.A.Manatunga.
                                      Head -Environmental Engineering Division

Phone: +94-11-265-0567 Fax: +94-11-265-1216 e-mail: manatunge@civil.mrt.ac.lk