Welcome to Environmental Engineering Division....

What we do

Conduct Undergraduate Lectures
Conduct Two Postgraduate / MSc. Courses 
Carry out Undergraduate Final Year Research Work 
Pursue Research in Environmental Engineering at MSc. and M. Phill. (Full time & Part time ) levels
Carry out Consultancy and Applied Research for Industries And Government Institutions 
Conduct Environmental Impact Assessments for Various Projects 
Undertake Designs of Water Supply & Wastewater Treatment Schemes
Help stake Holders or Decision Makers in Evaluating and Analysis of Environmental Issues
Take Part in Various Meetings, Seminars and Workshops in Disseminating the Knowledge of Environmental Matters

The Environmental Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory consists of Chemical Testing Laboratory and Microbiological Testing Laboratory.
Each Laboratory provides variety of testing services for researchers and industrial community.

These services include: Testing of physical, chemical and microbiological parameters in water & waste water, soils and sediments.

To provide a better service, laboratory is equipped with analytical equipments like Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, UV Visible Spectrophotometer, Jar Test Apparatus, Soxhlet extractor and Gas Chromatograph.

The laboratory has participated in inter Laboratory Comparison exercises and quality Assurance Programs and working towards obtaining Accreditation.

Photographs of Some labratory analytical Instruments and research works... (click here )