The Postgraduate Diploma/Master of Engineering in Construction Project Management offered by the Department of Civil Engineering has been specially designed for practicing engineers who would like to undergo training, without career interruption, in order to become tomorrow's leaders in the construction industry. This course was first developed in collaboration with ICTAD and the Loughborough University of Technology, UK, in 1987 with the mission to provide postgraduate level training in construction management for civil engineers in Sri Lanka.

Course Objectives

The main objectives of the course is to offer suitably qualified and experienced candidates an opportunity to pursue on part-time basis a course leading to PG Dip/ M.Sc. in Construction Project Management at the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa.

The broader aims are:

  • To provide professionals involved in project management with a sound understanding of the management skills and techniques necessary to plan, schedule and control all aspects of projects.
  • To foster an awareness of the interaction of time, money, and quality dimensions of project management.
  • To develop the skills to motivate and co-ordinate the various parties in the development process, and provide strong leadership.
  • To provide an opportunity for continuing education for graduates and other suitably qualified professionals to meet the challenges in a rapidly developing environment.
  • To stimulate further research, development and dissemination of knowledge in the field of project management in conjunction with other institution both in Sri Lanka and abroad.

Course Structure and Contents

Postgraduate Diploma

The duration of the course is one year and three months comprising of four terms of academic study on part-time basis. The first year consists of three academic terms and the following subjects will be offered.
  • Construction and Industrial law
  • Financial Management
  • Project Planning and Cost Control
  • Estimating and Tendering
  • Human Resource Management
  • Pre-contract Management
  • Project Management & Contract Administration
  • Quality Management in Construction
  • Management information Systems
  • Field project

The fourth term will be conducted in the first term of the second year and the following two subjects will be offered.

Communication Skill Development
Research Methods (non examinable)
Classes will be held from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Teaching methods include lectures, individual and group assignments, case studies and seminars, which are designed to ensure an optimal blend of theoretical principles and practical applications. Applications of computer software will be a part and parcel of the relevant subjects. The performance of students will be evaluated through course work assignments, seminars and written examinations.

Students who have successfully completed the above requirements can obtain the postgraduate Diploma in Construction Project Management or proceed to the Master of Science in Construction project Management.

Master of Science
The duration of the course is two year on part-time basis. Student who complete the requirements for the Postgraduate Diploma can apply for entry to the Master of Science in the second year, provided that they have registered for the M.Sc. degree at the beginning. In addition to the requirements for the postgraduate diploma, a masters student should undertake a suitable research project under the guidance of a supervisor and complete it successfully within a period of one year. The progress of the research is monitored through seminars held at regular intervals. On completion of the research project the student is required to submit a dissertation and the evaluation of performance is made on the basis of this dissertation and an oral examination.

Admission Requirements
Assessment for admission to the course is based on three selection criteria, namely, (a) qualifications, (b) experience, and (c) interview. Applicants for the course must fulfil one of the following basic qualifications.

B.Sc Engineering Degree of a recognised University in a relevant field.

A recognised degree in science in a relevant field with minimum one year of appropriate experience.

At least the Associate Membership or the Graduateship of a recognized professional institution in a relevant field with minimum one year of appropriate experience after obtaining such membership or gragduateship
Subject Syllabuses