Professor S.S.Wickramasuriya
BSc Eng (SL), PhD (N.S.W.), CEng, MIE (SL)
Associate Professor , Department of Civil Engineering 
University of Moratuwa

Contact Information: 

Department of Civil Engineering,
University of Moratuwa,
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

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Telephone: +94-11-2650567-8(Ext.2015)
Fax:           + 94-11-2651216

       Professional Affiliations
       Other Assignments
       Special Awards
       Work and Other Experience
       Research Interests
       Recent Projects and Publications     

  • Associate Professor, Hydraulic & Water Resources Engineering Division, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Moratuwa
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  • BSc Eng. (Hons) (SL)
  • PhD (N.S.W.)
  • CEng, MIE (SL)

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Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering - awarded Ph.D. (Australia).

Other areas of training - Land Drainage (Netherlands), Irrigation and Soil Management (Israel) and Remote Sensing ( Sweden)

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Professional Affiliations
(a ) Member of the Institution of Egineers, Sri Lanka (IESL).

(b) Member of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS).


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Other Assignments

a.) Country Representative for Sri Lanka - Task Force for Developing Countries (TFDC-101), Int. Association of Hydrologcal Sciences (IAHS).

b.) Member of the Dam Safety Review Panel of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management under the Dam Safety and Water Resources Planning Project


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Special Awards

( a )  Colombo Plan Fellowship for Doctoral  Studies at the University of New South Wales,  Australia (1977-1981). 

(b ) Post-Doctoral Fulbright Fellowship To USA ( 1992/93) 

(c) Water Related Infrastructure - ANTON/IESL Award for Paper on ‘Renewable Energy Based  Water Lifting Devices' Organized by the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (1996). 

(d)  IESL/IWMI Award for Best Paper on the theme “Water Resources Development and Future Challenges - Role of Engineering and  Technology” - “ Challenges in Dam Safety and Extreme Rainfall Estimation in Relation to Sri Lanka” ( 2011). 

(e) Three Awards Received as Grants - Project on Hydraulic Ram Pumps for Sri Lanka (  British High Commission 1992-1994), Workshop on Remote Sensing and GIS (Ausaid, 1995) and for Visiting Scientist from India ( India - Sri Lanka Foundation 2011/2012) 

(f) Recipient of three awards from the University of Moratuwa for long and meritorious service to the University.

(g) Other Awards - For advanced training program in the Netherlands, Iserael, Sweeden and India.


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Work and Other Experience
(a) Assoc. Professor/ Senior Lecturer/ Cource Coordinator - Training and research at the undergraduate and post graduate levels ( Masters and Doctoral) in the areas of Hydraulics and Hydrology. Course coordinator of several past post-graduate programs in Applied Hydrology, Land and Water Development, and Hydraulic Engineering at the University of Moratuwa.

(b) CONSULTANT HYDROLOGIST - Served as Consultant Hydrologist with Jacobs Gibb (UK), on the Dam Safety and Reservoir Conservation Project funded by the World Bank ( 2003/2004). Presently a Member of the Dam Safety Review Panel of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources Management under the Dam Safety and Water Resources Planning Project ( 2009 - )

(c) HEAD - Hydraulic Engineering Division - Department of Civil Engineering , University of Moratuwa ( 1994-2001).

(d )COORDINATOR - Mentoring Program of the University of Moratuwa ( 2006 - )

(e) Resource Person - International Course in Micro-Hydropower organized by ITDG (UK) and Ceylon Electricity Board, Sri Lanka.(1991).

(f) Principal Investigator - Project on Hydraulic Ram Pumps for Sri Lanka funded by the British High Commission. This work won a special award from the Institution of Engineers (Sri Lanka), for work on ‘Water Related Infrastructure’.(1994-1996).

(g) Resource Person - Workshop on Design of Irrigation Headworks, Irrigation Training Institute , Galgamuwa, Sri Lanka ( 1998).

(h) National Water Conference - Chairman - Session on Water Management Challenges, Sri Lanka , 1998.

(i) Member - National Steering Committee on Climatic Forecasting and Applications in Water Resources Management ( 2003 )

(j) Invited Guest Seminar - Hydrological Aspects of Dam Safety in Relation to Sri Lanka. ICE WaRM Seminar Series - Int. Center of Excellence in Water Resources Management, University of South Australia, Nov. 2010.


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Research Interests

-          Hydrological aspects of dam safety

-          Rainfall - Runoff Modeling

-         Hydrological extremes and design flood estimation

-          Reservoir design and yield estimation

-          Hydrological impacts of climate change

-          Stochastic hydrology

-          Social and Environmental effects of large water resources development projects

-          Drought mitigation using rainwater harvesting


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Recent Projects and Publications

Challenges in Dam Safety and Extreme Rainfall Estimation in Relation to Sri Lanka ( To be published in Engineer, 2012)

 The Hydro-meteorological Estimation of Probable Maximum Precipitation under varying scenarios in Sri Lanka. Int. Journal of Climatology, (2011).

 Reliable Estimates of Probable Maximum Precipitation for Disaster Risk Reduction.  Int. Conf. on Building Resilience ( Kandalama), University of Salford, (2011).

 Improved Procedures for Estimating Rainfall Extremes. National Symposium on Promoting Knowledge Transfer to Strengthen Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation. Disaster Management Center, SLAAS and UNDP, Colombo, Sri Lanka (2009).

 A Statistical Approach for Estimating Probable Maximum Precipitation for Sri Lanka. Proceedings of the International Statistics Conference, Applied Statistics Association of Sri Lanka, Colombo , Sri Lanka (2009).

 Estimating Extreme Rainfall in Sri Lanka under Monsoonal and Cyclonic Environments. Exploring New Spheres for a Better Future, Annual Symposium, General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University. (2009). 

Rain Water Harvesting for Water Efficiency and Management. Proc. of the Int. Conf. on Sustainable Built Environments. Kandy, 2010. 

Rain Water Harvesting in Sri Lanka. Economic Review, People's Bank Publication. (2009). 

Estimating Probable Maximum Precipitation - From Research to Design.  Engineer, Journal of the Institution of Engineers, ( 2007). 

Some Hydrological Issues in the Assessment of Dam Safety. Annual Trans. Institution of Engineers , (2004). 

Some Issues in the Estimation of Probable Maximum Precipitation. Proceedings of the Int. Conference on Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Changing Environment of the Monsoon Region. United Nations University, Colombo, Sri Lanka. (2004). 

Assessment of Adequacy of Spillways for Dam Safety and Reservoir Conservation in Sri Lanka . Int. Conference on Hydraulogy: Science and Practice for the 21st. Century, British Hydrological Society , London, UK. (2004). 

Developing an Annual Rainfall Runoff Model for Wet Zone Catchments in Sri Lanka (2008) 

Modeling Runoff Characteristics of the Minneriya and Nachchaduwa Catchments and Simulation of the 1957 Floods. (2008). 

Drought Mitigation and Water Conservation Practices Using Rainwater Harvesting in the Wet and Dry Zones of Sri Lanka (2008) 

Hydrological Aspects of Dam Safety - 32 Reports prepared with Jacobs Gibb (UK) assessing the adequacy of spillways. Dam Safety and Reservoir Conservation Project, Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka. (2003/2004).


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