BSc Eng(Peradeniya), PhD(Cambridge)
Senior Lecturer, Department of Civil Engineering, 
University of Moratuwa

Contact Information:
Department of Civil Engineering,
University of Moratuwa,
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.
e mail:  baskaran@civil.mrt.ac.lk
Telephone: +94-11-2650567(Ext.2010)
Fax:           +94-11-2651216


       Research Interests

       Teaching experience
       Professional Memberships
       Computer skills

  • Senior Lecturer (Grade II), Building & Structural Engineering Division, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa , Moratuwa.

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  • PhD
    Cambridge University Engineering Department , UK .
    Flexural behaviour of reinforced concrete flat slabs supported on non-rectangular column grids
  • BSc Eng (Specialising in Civil Engineering with 1 st class Honours)
    University of Peradeniya , Sri Lanka .

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Research Interests
  • Modelling with Non Linear Finite element Analysis
  • Application of Plasticity Theory
  • Prestressed Concrete Design
  • Research related to Flat slabs
  • New Materials
  • Assessment of existing Structures like buildings, bridges and towers
  • Applying Building Physics Principles to existing Structures.

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2005 (October)

  • Howard medal awarded for the best paper published in the Institution of Civil Engineers (U.K) Journal "Buildings and Structures"in the year 2004


2000 – 2003



  • Developing World Education Fund Cambridge Scholarship for Sri- Lanka (From      Cambridge Commonwealth Trust)
  • ORS (From Universities UK ) .


Final PART III (2000 )

  • C A Hewavitharana prize for best performance in Engineering
  • Ceylon development prize for best performance in Civil Engineering
  • H B De Silva prize for Surveying
  • University Scholarship for best performance


Final PART 11

  • E O E Pereira prize for best performance


1995 – 1999

  • Mahapola Higher Education [Merit] scholarship



  • Gold medal in Hinduism exam, held island-wide by Saivaparipalana Sabai.

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Baskaran, K., Ph.D. Thesis (2004), Cambridge University Engineering Department.
Baskaran, K., Morley, C.T., Yield line prediction for flat slabs on a parallelogram column grid, CUED (Cambridge University Engineering Department)/D TR 207, April 2003.
Baskaran, K., Morley, C.T., Determination of Anchorage length using beam tests, CUED/D TR 204, December 2002.
Baskaran, K., Morley, C.T., Testing reinforced concrete slabs using vacuum, CUED/D TR 203, November 2002.
Baskaran, K., Kajendran, T., Srikumaran, S., Fernando, S.V.M., Effect of superplasticizer dosage on concrete properties, Proceedings of the 55 th annual session, Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science, 1999.

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Teaching experience

October 2005- to date

Senior Lecturer Grade II, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa .

Teaching Prestressed Concrete, Bridge Engineering, Computer Analysis of Structures and Engineering Design Course.

Also Co-ordinator for Industrial Training for Dept. of Civil.


2004 Nov –Sept 2005

Lecturer, Jaffna College Institute of Technology, Vaddukkodai.


2001 – 2004

Teaching at CUED Part II A (Final year) Structural materials and design, Structural analysis and stability, Mechanics of Solids, Finite Element Methods.


Jan – Sept 2000

Lecturer (on contract), Department of Engineering, University of Peradeniya


Sept – Dec 1999

Instructor (temporary), Department of Engineering, University of Peradeniya

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Professional Memberships
  • Graduate Member of Institution of Structural Engineers, UK

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Computer skills
  • Ability to model and analyse structures using nonlinear finite element method
  • Experience with engineering computation and drafting softwares namely SAP 2000, DIANA, ABACUS, Matlab, AutoCAD, Fem View

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