Loshaka Perera

B.Sc Eng.Hons (Moratuwa), M.Sc. (K-State, USA) , A. Dip. in Management

Accounting (CIMA - UK), E.I.T. (USA), AMIE (SL )

Senior Lecturer Grade II, Department of Civil Engineering,
University of Moratuwa,

Contact Information:
Department of Civil Engineering
University of Moratuwa,
Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

e mail:   perera.loshaka@gmail.com


Telephone: +94-11-2650567-8(Ext.2111)
Fax:  +94-11-2651216


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Tertiary Qualifications

  • M.Sc. Civil Engineering

    Kansas State University, Kansas, United States

    Program: Transportation

  • B.Sc. Civil Engineering (Hons.)

    University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

    Minor: Transportation Engineering


  • Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting

    The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), United Kingdom

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Research and Work Experience

  • Feb. 2012- Present

          Senior Lecturer

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

  • Feb. 2011- Feb. 2012


          Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

  • June 2010- Feb. 2011

          Civil Engineer

          State Engineering Corporation of Sri Lanka, Colombo 02.

          R. Premadasa Stadium Refurbishment Project (ICC World Cup)

          Mainly in charge of “Sight Screen- North” and “Block C”. A five storey building and a pavilion          


  • Aug. 2007- Jan. 2006

          Research Student

          Research Topic: Highway Issues of Older Drivers in Kansas

          Kansas State University

          Supervisor: Dr. S. Dissanayake

          To identify characteristics of older driver related crashes in Kansas and associated highway safety issues

          with the intention of suggesting potential countermeasures to improve safety of older drivers

  • Dec. 2005- Dec. 2006

          Engineering Cost Consultant

          Majan Engineering Consultant, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

          Southern Expressway Project

          Evaluation of monthly payments to contractor, various cost analysis for alternative proposals, and variance


  • Jan. 2004- Civil Engineer

    June 2004 Seagull Property Developers, Colombo -06, Sri Lanka

    Seagull Courts Project (11 Storey Apartment Complex Building)

    All day to day civil engineering tasks at a construction site


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2009         2009 MOVITE Student Poster Contest (2 nd Place)

                 Fall MOVITE Meeting, 19-22 September, Springfield, Missouri

2005       Transportation Engineering Award

                Academic Awards Ceremony, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

2005        Award for Best Comprehensive Design Project

                Academic Awards Ceremony, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka


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1.Dissanayake, Sunanda and Perera, Loshaka (2011). A Survey Based Study of Factors Related to Older Driver Highway Safety. Journal of Transportation Safety & Security , 3(2):77-94

2. Perera, Loshaka and Dissanayake, Sunanda (2010). Contributing Factors to Older-Driver Injury Severity in Rural and Urban Areas. Journal of Transportation Research Forum , Spring 2010, Volume 49(1)
Conference Proceedings
3.Perera, H.L.K., Bandara, J.M.S.J. (2011). An Analysis of Commuter Traffic Trends in Colombo. The 67th Annual Scientific Sessions of SLAAS, 5-9 December, University of Sri Jayewardenapura, Sri Lanka. Page 39.
4.Perera, Loshaka and Dissanayake, Sunanda (2011). Identification of Safety Issues of Older Drivers Using Survey Data. International Conference on Advances in Highway Engineering and Transportation Systems . July 26, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Page 41.


5.De Silva, S.C.P., Perera, Loshaka, Mampearachchi, W.K. (2011). GIS Based Classification System for Low Volume Roads. Transportation Research Forum 2011 . July 25, Colombo, Sri Lanka. Page 47.


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7.Perera, Loshaka and Dissanayake, Sunanda (2010). Comparison of Older-driver Safety Experience in Urban and Rural Highways in Kansas. Transportation Research Board 89 th Annual Meeting , 10-14 January, Washington D.C. paper # 10-1033.
8.Perera, Loshaka and Dissanayake, Sunanda (2009). Survey Based Approach to Identify Highway Safety Characteristics and Issues of Older Drivers. Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium , 20-21 August, Ames, Iowa.
  9.Perera, Loshaka and Dissanayake, Sunanda (2009). Factors Related to Older-Driver Safety: A Survey Based Study”. ITE 2009 Annual Meeting and Exhibit , 9-12 August, San Antonio, Texas.


  Other Publications
  10.Loshaka Perera (2012). Road Transport Management . Vidurava . A Science Magazine (Sinhala medium) published by National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka. Volume 29(1) :7-11.
  11.Loshaka Perera (2009). An Analysis of Older-Driver Involvement in Crashes and Injury Severity in Kansas. A Thesis (M.S.) submitted to Kansas State University, Kansas, USA.


12.Dissanayake, Sunanda and Perera, Loshaka (2009). Highway Safety Issues of Older Drivers in Kansas. A Report on Research Sponsored by The Kansas Department of Transportation , Topeka, Kansas.

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Perera, Loshaka (2009). Factors Related to Older-Driver Safety: A Survey Based Study. 2009 Fall MOVITE Meeting , 19-22 September, Springfield, Missouri.


Perera, Loshaka (2008). Characteristics of Older Driver Involved Crashes and Comparisons with Other Age Groups in Kansas. 13 th Annual Graduate Research Forum , 7 March, Kansas State University.

Perera, Loshaka (2008). Highway Safety Issues of Older Drivers in Kansas. Graduate Seminar , Spring & Fall, Department of Civil Engineering, Kansas State University.

Perera, H.L.K., Theepan, N, Prabodha, S.T. (2005). Automated System for Traffic Signal Timing- BLINK 2005. Road Development Authority of Sri Lanka, 10 March, University of Moratuwa.

Perera, H.L.K., Theepan, N, Prabodha, S.T. (2005). Automated System for Traffic Signal Timing- BLINK 2005. Innovations UoM 2005, 16-18 September, Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH), Colombo.

Invited Talks


Loshaka Perera (2011). User Behavior and Enforcement. Training Program for Senior Traffic Police Officers in Western Province . 14 May, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.


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Qualifications and Memberships

Engineer In Training (EIT)

Associate Member, The Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL)

Member, The Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science (SLAAS)


Charted Member, The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (Pending) (CILT)

Computer Skills
  • Traffic Engineering Software Tools: HCS2000, aaSIDRA, TSIS(CORSIM), TRANSYT-7F
  • CAD Applications: Microstation and Geopak Road
  • Other Software Applications: MINITAB, MS Office

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Teaching Experience

University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering (CE 3162)

Areas covered: Transport Functions, Traffic Flow Theory, Fundamentals of Transport Planning, Safety and Environmental Considerations, Transport Infrastructure Requirements, Fundamentals of Transportation System Management.

Traffic Engineering and Planning (CE 4352)

Areas covered: Traffic Flow Models, Traffic Flow Analysis, Transport Surveys, Transport Demand Estimation, Road Safety and Accident Analysis, Traffic Impact Assessment, Unsignalized Intersection, Interchanges, Traffic Signals, Delay Studies.

Transportation Engineering and Planning (CE 4350)

Areas covered: Traffic Flow Models, Traffic Flow Analysis, Transport Project Evaluation and Class Project

Post Graduate Courses Taught

Highway Planning and Management (CE 5606)

Areas covered: Highway Management Systems, Highway Asset Management

Road Safety, Social & Environmental Evaluations (CE 5603)

Areas covered: Road Safety, Human Factors and Driver Behavior, Traffic Conflict Studies, Accident Data Analysis, Traffic Control Devices, Road Safety Audits, Road Safety and Defense Mechanisms

Traffic Management and Intelligent Transportation Systems (CE 5605)

Areas covered: Traffic Impact Assessment

Short Courses Taught

Road Safety and Infrastructure Design

Areas covered: Road Side Design, Traffic Calming Devices, Road Safety and Infrastructure Design, 2 Case Studies

Traffic Management and Safety

Areas covered: Traffic Control Devices, 2 Case studies

Accident Analysis and Safety

Areas covered: Road Accidents and Accident Data Types, Defense Mechanisms, 2 Case Studies

Sri Lanka Air Force Junior Commandant College

2011/2012 Basic Mathematics and Statistics

Visiting Lecturer, 4 Sessions.

Olac Business School, Colombo, Sri Lanka

2010 July- Quantitative Methods, Association of Business Executives (ABE)

Nov. 2010 examination, (UK). (Part Time)

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Consulting Projects

2012        Transportation Development Plan for Colombo City

Development of ways to reduce traffic congestion in Colombo City and focusing at smooth traffic circulation within the city, especially during 2013 Common Wealth Meetings to be held in Colombo. Client: Ministry of Transport


2011/        Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA):

2012 Traffic impact assessments were done for many proposed developments including multi storied housing developments, fuel stations, office complexes, and shopping complexes, etc. within the Colombo city as well as in other areas of the country.


2011        Railway Line Electrification Pilot Project :

Economic Feasibility Study for railway line electrification pilot project. Client: Sri Lanka Railways.

Economic analysis was carried out considering costs and benefits of the proposed pilot railway electrification from “Veyangoda” to “Kaluthara”, an 80km section.


2011        Formulation of Criteria for Placement of CEYPETCO New Filling Stations:

Development of a methodology to identify geographical locations to establish new fuel stations Island wide. Client: Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

Criteria were developed using population data, distance from existing fuel station, traffic volume, etc.


2011        Railway Line Extension Project :

Economic Feasibility Study for “Kelani Valley” railway line extension. Client: Sri Lanka Railways.

Economic analysis was carried out considering costs and benefits of the proposed development.


2011        Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020:

Preparation of a National Action Plan in accordance with the Global Plan Developed by UN & WHO, in order to improve the road safety in Sri Lanka during next decade.

Various tasks outlined in global plan was identified and customized to suit Sri Lankan conditions. Under different phases, actions were clearly identified and lead agency was assigned. Key performance indicators were also set to monitor the program effectively.


2011        Seat Belt and Helmet Usage in Sri Lanka:

To see the seat belt and helmet usage in Sri Lanka before and after implementation of seat belt law.

Seat belt and helmet usage data were collected from all provinces in the country as per the requirement of National Safety Council. Further, analysis was done and conclusions were made. This project was funded by WHO.

2011        Commuter Traffic in Colombo City:

To study the commuter traffic movement in Colombo city.

Traffic counts (MCC) were done at major roads entering and leaving Colombo city and analysis was done based on such data.

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Current Research Projects

Developing Driving Cycles for Sri Lankan Conditions and Setting up Appropriate Emission Standards:

Emission standards are need to be fixed based on Sri Lankan road and traffic conditions, but no study has been done to determine such cutoff levels and industry is lacking in that aspect. The objective of this study is to set up such standards for emissions using driving cycles (well practiced method in other countries).

Development of Improved Guideline for Traffic Signal Design:

Objective of this research is to develop a guideline for traffic signal design that can accommodate individual travel time saving, environmental pollution and synchronization of closely spaced signalized intersections.

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Graduate Course Projects

Kansas State University

2006        Investigation of Possible Improvements to Pedestrian Crossing Near University

Collected pedestrian flow data at the pedestrian crossing during peak hours

Conducted a statistical analysis to identify the severity of the problem

Developed a regression analysis model which explains the relationship between pedestrian flow and vehicle queue length

Suggested possible improvements


2006        Proposal for New Fixed Route Transit System in Manhattan, KS (Group Project)

Studied existing transit systems in Lawrence, KS

Based on all information gathered developed a report proposing initial fixed routes to Manhattan Transit System


2006        Motor Vehicle Crash Risk on Rural / Urban Roads

Utilized Kansas crash data (KARS) from year 2004-2006

Identified co-relations between crash severity and rurality using statistical analysis

Crash incident densities were calculated and different risk segments were identified under urban/rural classification, age and gender


2006        Speed Limits in Work Zones

Prepared a report discussing factors affecting the reduction of speed limits in work zones and guide lines for effective implementation of speed limits

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Undergraduate Projects

2004- 2005 Automated System for Traffic Signal Timing-BLINK 2005 (Research Project)

Phase 1- Automation of identification of suitable phasing arrangement for given intersection based on given traffic volumes

Phase 2-Automation of signal timing calculation process

Phase 3-Conversion of output from phase 2 in order to be compatible with existing control unit

Still using (since 2005) at RDA (Road Development Authority) for UniRoad traffic signal system.

2005        Comprehensive Design for Proposed IT Building (Group Design Project)

Identified a suitable location based on the given requirements.

Conceptual design, Structural design, TIA, EIA, Thermal comfort, HVAC design, CAD Modeling, etc.

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Leadership Experience

2011        Organizing Committee, Symposium on Civil Engineering Research for Industry – 2011

2011/2012        Conference Secretary, Transport Research Forum (TRF)

2011        Conference Secretary, International Conference on Advances in Highway Engineering & Transportation Systems (ICAHETS)

2011-Now        Program Coordinator, Road Safety Training Program (3), University of Moratuwa.

2011-Now        Snooker Captain, Staff Welfare and Recreation Club, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.

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Other Activities

Team and Leadership Challenge Program, (3days, 2 nights)

Wild Drift Center, Belihuloya, Sri Lanka.

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